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♪ grandma got run over by a reindeer ♪ ♪ walking home from our house christmas eve... ♪ captioned by media access group at wgbh ♪ but as for me and grandpa, we believe. ♪ merry christmas. but the rain and the snow 't done yet. "why is the idea of a gun gd when it's used t ent." the n- the holiday weekend underway, but the rain and snow
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isn't quite done yet n. >> why is the idea of a gun good when it's used to protect the president? >> the nra breaks its silence after newtown. why the comments have gun control supporters even more outraged. >> and an arrest in the murder of a bay area millionaire. we've enjoyed a break over the past several hours, but more storm is on the way! >> first some scattered showers before the even arrives. oakland, berkeley, and richmond south of san leandro, and some light to moderate showers, san mateo, san bruno, red wood city. all the yellow and red and darker green, those are lightning strikes. that's the next round poised to move in.
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santa rosa, 2.5 inches of rain, and the north bay mountains had half a foot of rain in the past two hours. it was really windy too! san francisco topped out with a 43-mile per hour wind gust. oakland 37, san jose and concord 30 miles per hour. we'll talk about round 2, and there's one day in the forecast which is mainly dry. and rain in the bay area means snow in the sierra, and it is really coming down tonight! 5 feet expected in the higher elevation ss by sunday. caltrans has put snow plows into rounds clock action. the roads are open but chains are required. in mendocino, as a truck was cross, the truck's axle got
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caught in a hole, ripping the trailer away. fortunately no injuries. alisa harrington has more on the rain and the problems it's causing. >> reporter: the north bay has really been feeling the brunt of this weather. >> reporter: the first day of winter blew into the bay area with heavy rain and strong winds, even snow at higher elevations. this is just the beginning of what will be a very wet weekend. the weather already did some damage today, causing hundreds of power outages, swelling creeks. this was the scene on highway 1 earlier. high winds toppled a 100-foot tree onto a car port. a close call for the driver. >> i was standing right underneath it over here. and some winds hit us. but i feel very grateful that we're okay.
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and we're alive. >> reporter: pg&e says even healthy trees can come down in weather like this. oftentimes they take down power lines with them. they have crews spread throughout the bay area. >> they will be working around the clock. >> reporter: and we did have a nice break from the rain earlier this evening. but it is really coming down now! another thing we saw was that the weather snarled traffic earlier. i know we were stuck on highway 101 for more than an hour. now traffic is finally moving, things getting back to normal. heavy rain and high winds at sfo caused more than 100 flights to be canceled. 18 states in the midwest are dealing with snow, rain, and high winds, causing cancellations and delays at many
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airports nationwide. track the storm anytime on our website. this morning the nation paused to remember the victims of last friday's mas shooting in connecticut. times at 9-30 a-m their tim >> the rain came down in newtown as bells across the nation rang 26 times at 9:30 am their time, marking the moment one week ago when 20 children and six adults were killed. a moment of silence was also observed at the white house. >> i grew up in this town and i needed to come here to mourn with everyone and to show my support. >> five more funerals were held today. the remaining funerals will all be held tomorrow. as the mourning continue, we've now heard from the national rifle association.
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why the nra's latest position is causing a new outcry. >> the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun! >> reporter: after being silent on the subject for more than a week after the slaughter in newtown, the chief of the national rifle association declared today the nra's solution for stopping school shootings is to have an armed guard in every school. just like at banks and sports areinace. >> why is the idea of a gun good when it's used to protect the president or our police but bad when it's used to protect our children in our schools? >> reporter: the nra proposes a new program to protect america's schools called national school shield. but they were not able to protect their own news conference from protestors, including the group code pink. >> the nra has blood on its hands!
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>> reporter: diane feinstein who is proposing a new assault weapon ban says she's upset the nra didn't go any further about restrictions >> it's inconceivable after what they said to me today that they don't think people who have guns should have background checks or that they should be registered. >> it's a horribly poor choice to say that the answer to gun violence is to put more guns out there. >> reporter: andrew is a parent of students. the district employs 20 armed police officers in all of its high schools and middle schools at a cost of $2 million a year. the district has put no cops in its three dozen elementary schools and has no plans or money to do so. >> i'm glad we're having that conversation. i we think have experience in it. i think it's an overreaction. if you want to know my position as a school
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board member, how am i going to put armed police officers at 50 schools? >> reporter: on top of that $2 million, the district spends $5 million a year on security overall, money it would rather be spending on educating children. congress has left town for the holidays. and president obama made a plea today for a bipartisan agreement to prevent going over the fiscal cliff. >> the american people are a lot more sensible and a lot more that you feel and much more willing to compromise and give and sacrifice and act responsibly than their elected representatives are. >> when congress resumes, there will be just four days to come up with an agreement. the oakland school district is facing allegations of mishandling federal money. it's being told to pay back thousands of dollars. an audit was conducted after a cbs 5
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investigation questioned how a private school was getting federal money. how the district is defending its actions. >> reporter: for years, this private religious school has received thousands of dollars in federal funds, $50,000 just this year doled out by the oakland unified school district. it's the school that sends its students out to bart stations to solicit money, sometimes late into the night. tonight they left after we approached them. >> get out of my face. >> reporter: a joint cbs 5 california watch investigation earlier this year questioned the district's lack of oversight, allowing inflated enrollments by the school to get the federal funding, and the school's alleged misuse of that money. the california department of education took a closer look and has ordered the district to repay nearly $25,000. tonight we reached the district spokesman out of state. >> we dispute the notion or the
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finding that we have misappropriatedly handled funds. >> reporter: we questioned the pastor's use of federal money to pay his wife and son. >> she gets paid $100 an hour for her duties there as a teacher. >> i'm not aware of their particular compensation levels. >> it's all in your documents that you've approved. then you have robert lacy junior, and he gets paid $40 an hour. >> right. >> is that all acceptable? >> really, it's according to the programattic guidelines. s. >> how do you justify paying $21,000 to that st. andrew teacher who is part of that family-run school? that is a direct violation of the rules. >> it's not a direct violation.
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you're being cavalier in your interpretation. what the law says is that you are allowed to hire contractors. we gave them money which they used to hire a contractor. that contractor happened to be a family member. but we believe that he met the letter of the law in terms of his qualifications. >> reporter: would you hire these people for the oakland public schools? >> we would not hire them for the public schools but we are under different jurisdiction and different regulations. >> the school district insists it has followed all the federal guidelines. but after our reports, the district did cut off all federal funds to st. andrew. and the fbi stepped in to question possible misuse of federal money. we will continue to follow this story. more money has been uncovered in the state's parks department during a time of tight budget constraints. a new audit reveals nearly $4 million
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additional dollars in donations just sitting in a fund of the the audit confirmed $50 million was hidden in two accounts earlier this year. that scandal was uncovered in july when the governor threatened to close some parks because of a lack of state money. the park's director resigned over that. an arrest in the murder of a south bay millionaire. the court appearance of the suspect in custody. >> and a massive sink hole patched up in the east bay in record time. neighborhood faces an crisis. the qu >> providing less and less to the people that live in the neighborhood. >> another san francisco neighborhood faces an identity crisis. can one street have two many restaurants?
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charges after running down people near twin peaks in san o. one of the vict a 2003-year-old woman facing felony dui and hit and run charges after running down four people near twin peaks in san francisco. one of the victims later died. the group was walking around 9:00 when they were hit and knocked down the hillside. the female driver was arrested nearby with two male companions. a major break in the murder of a millionaire inside his south bay mansion. a young mother is under arrest. but she's only one part of this murder mystery. >> reporter: 22-year-old raven dickson of alameda appeared in court wearing shackles, charged with being an accessory to a
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homicide with a gang enhancement. she didn't say anything during her arraignment other than agreeing to an extension of her case. but the details of the charges and what led to her arrest are currently under court seal. >> she's a nervous wreck. this is new, and to see her in chains like that, it's hard for a family. >> reporter: today the police department released a statement reassuring the public that the murder was not random and that there is no ongoing danger to the community. as for dickson, she was arrested in mountain view this tuesday. her attorney says his client has been interrogated by police, just one aspect of this investigation he is concerned about. >> i have a lot of questions on how a single client money gets arrested and charged with a
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pc-32. and nothing anybody or any of her family members know anything about it. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the police department will only say this investigation is ongoing. they will not say how many additional suspects may be wanted in connection with this case. a speedy recovery for a sink hole in the east bay. heavy rains caused the road to cave in on mountain view drive just south of highway 24 in lafayette. the very influential person who lives in the neighborhood. >> reporter: it's the mayor who lives by here, and emergency crews were out here working 24/7 to fix this hole, they fix today in nine days. mountain view road officially opened at noon today. and you'll remember the sink hole was just huge, about
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80/40 feet. the road collapsed during a storm earlier this month when the drainage system was overwhelmed by flood waters. there were originally estimates that the work could take months. but the city brought in emergency contractor s. s. >> that's great because the rains are coming now. it could be another major storm. so far it's just sprinkles. and it could develop. and it'd be nice to have it covered. and everything is clean. there's no debris. so we're in good shape. >> reporter: the construction blocked the mayor's driveway during the time that it was being fixed over the past couple of weeks. however the mayor said despite his proximity to the sink hole, that is not the reason why it was fixed quickly. they were able to make a deal
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with this emergency crew and they fixed it. and he says he had no sway over that whatsoever. reporting live in lafayette. a lot of people will 28 you the best thing about san francisco is its neighborhoods. every once in a while, they wrestle with their neighborhoods. it was the haight a couple years ago. residents said three head shops every block were too many! they said head shops were crowding out other businesses. the board of supervisors got involved. now it's the mission district come is asking how many restaurants do we really need in the span of just 3 blocks? the bar and restaurant explosion isn't sitting well with everyone. why some neighbors say they're fed up. >> reporter: a guy walks into a
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bar. on valencia street, one, two, three, doesn't narrow it down much. in 4 blocks, i counted 36. three dozen! 16 new ones just in the last year or so. >> this is just in that neighborhood, it's definitely feeling the brunt. >> reporter: nina runs a salon, and she says it means good food but mostly for dinner. >> i would never want to turn down business as a merchant. but it has turned into a nighttime destination, so it's providing less and les for the people that live in the neighborhood. >> reporter: not much going on during the day. of the neighborhood association has asked the city to slap a 1-year moratorium on new restaurants between 16th and 24th. >> they should let the market determine what's here. >> reporter: so says the other side. >> can you have too many
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restaurants in an area? >> the people who eat in the restaurants will determine that. >> reporter: does every neighborhood need a drug store? barber shop? >> when i want a screwdriver, i'd probably go next door to luna park. >> reporter: when you're in a neighborhood with that many bars and restaurants, the first screwdriver you think of is a vodka and orange juice! so will this place someday be a restaurant? that'll be up to the san francisco board of supervisors. they have ultimate say. how much rain are you going to get this weekend and which one day is look dry? we only have one! [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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so make your holiday merrier than ever before. safeway. ingredients for life. thanks, paul. we finally hav paul is here to tell us approximate the doppler and the
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snow. >> an eventful first day of winter. we had wind too. a lot of swirl s there, three different radars. the weather service radar in the south bay, and the radar up toward eureka. some lightning strikes there, a chance of a few thunderstorms tomorrow. closer to the bay area, radar getting more active by the minute. and there is the bullseye right now. oakland, san leandro, and hayward. once that hits a certain elevation, we're going to be talking snow. anywhere from 2-5 feet of total snowfall by monday. wonderful news for skiers. not the best news if you're planning on travel. tonight, lows around 50, san francisco 52, mountain
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view 50, fremont 49. don't worry about a cold night for the next several nights. a big area of low pressure off to the north and west, and waves of low pressure being thrown in our direction. the next wave gets here early tomorrow. the overall weather pattern, that's not changing that way. low pressure to our north, high pressure to our south, and through the middle, the path of least resistance will carry them primarily into northern california. the only day with zero rain chance is christmas eve, monday! tomorrow, we're looking at about 0.5-inch of rainfall for san francisco, 3/4 of an inch at redwood city. your extended forecast, calling for rain saturday and sunday. dry on monday. then the showers are back christmas afternoon.
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wednesday, thursday, and friday more showers. pretty wet weekend for those last-minute shopping errands. finally some news on where the a's might be playing baseball for the next few years.
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third triple double of his career.... start the c david lee strengthened his case tonight for a trip to houston and the all-star game. with the bobcats in town, that means one thing! dad getting a little time with grand baby riley! warriors up 12, but the bop cats go on an 8-5 run later
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in the quarter. tonight was the steph curry and david lee show! 4th quarter, the curry jumper from lee. lee ten assists and a triple double. the cardinals answer, aaron brown hits the go-ahead 3. stanford wins. and the a's will play for the next five years at the coliseum. they won't be playing at candlestick, which some officials thought could happen. >> that'd be weird. c-b-s s-f dot com.
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